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One of my most memorable trips was in July 1991 when my best friend, Alex, and I drove to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico from San Jose, CA. Between La Paz and Cabo we found the perfect beach from which to view the total solar eclipse. Lots of crazy things happened that trip, many of them on the very day of the event. Anyway you have to personally experience a total solar eclipse to understand how powerful such an event is. Read my story.
Total solar eclipses can only occur when there is a new moon. The moon's orbit isn't perfectly circular. When the moon is at its closest a total solar eclipse will last longer like the almost 7 minute 1991 Baja eclipse. When the moon is furthest away it doesn't completely cover the sun.

Upcoming Events

  • Meteor Showers
  • Solar Eclipses
    • NASA has a neat eclipse website with great photos like the one at left! The dark blue line is the path of the July 11, 2010 total solar eclipse. It might be an excuse to visit Tahiti then paddle out to an atoll in the center of totality. The entire path is often cloudy though. NASA has monthly sky event calendars too. Check it out!
  • Other happenings
    • Sky and Telescope is a commercial site but they usually have lots of interesting articles.

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